It’s a privilege to introduce our very own London brand which was established through passion to stimulate youthful minds through fashion and lifestyle.
Inspiring The Nation (ITN) is a unity of cultures and an emblem of hope it all started by encouraging the youth in our communities to stay on the right path by the founder who was a barber at the time.


We are focused on creating avenues for the most disenfranchised within society. The brand believes in giving back to the community and providing a platform to give our young adults an opportunity to display their talent and create their own legacy
We have dedicated a fraction of our revenues to socio-development programs such as workshops for those gifted with handy trades to impart on the less privileged lives in the UK.

The brand’s scope

Our clothing line is designed and researched from scratch by young aspiring creative designers from our very own city, London, with a passion for fashion as we showcase every detailed part of their fashion journey through the clothing.
Fashion is a diverse and necessary factor in our everyday lives and we believe it should be a representation of the cultural diversity and backgrounds that live in our city today.
London Inspire intends to be reflective wherever we’re based as a brand – where the design is inspired by local talent.

Our Collection and Range

We offer quality and stylish wear in an assortment of sizes and styles to accommodate all body shapes and perceptions.
Most of our pieces are unisex allowing both male and female to express themselves in it.
Our line ranges from hats, t-shirts, jumpers, and tracksuits. We are currently working on an elegant range of accessories.
Our choice of fabric this season comes in the form of velour. Seasonal releases will continue to come in different styles, textures, and colours.